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Deploy CNDI From macOS

One of the most popular use cases of CNDI is deploying data pipelines. These pipelines are often containerized and then deployed within a CNDI cluster. Whether you want to deploy your cluster on your own machine, a vSphere cluster, GCP, AWS, Azure or any combination therein, CNDI offers an easy no-code configurator with multiple options you can customize to meet your needs.

This "getting started" guide will walk you through the series of steps needed to install, initialize, experiment with, and start using CNDI from a macOS environment. At the end, you will have a CNDI cluster ready to support and orchestrate your data workflows.

When choosing to deploy your CNDI cluster to the cloud it’s recommended to stay with your pre-existing cloud service provider, if you have one. For instance, if you have your databases and buckets in AWS, staying with AWS is a good choice. From a security and performance standpoint the closer your CNDI cluster is to your data, the better. If you aren't deploying from a macOS environment, choose another source OS from the Getting Started page.