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Apache Hop is self contained application and it requires Java during runtime. Minimum Java 8 version is required to run Apache Hop (Hop).


Installing Java Runtime Environment (JRE) can be done easily by following Java Download instructions.

Installation through package manager

Alternatively, users can install Java using package manager. This step is optional and recommended for users who have experience using package manager.

Chocolatey package manager
# Chocolatey install Java 8 JRE
choco install jdk8

# Chocolatey check installed packages
choco list --localonly

Apache Hop


Latest Hop binary files are available for download through Hop official website.

Hop Docker Image

Users who are familiar with Docker can download Hop Docker Image using the command below.

Hop Docker Image
# Docker pull command
docker pull apache/hop
Hop Source Code

Users can download Hop source code from Apache Hop Github and compile Hop for the latest version. This step requires user to have software development knowledge.


Once the Hop files are downloaded as compressed files as .zip. Proceed to unzip the Hop folder and change directory/open into apache-hop-client/hop folder. Hop is now installed and it is ready for use. The diagram below shows the folder structure of Hop.

|-- hop/
| |-- hop.ico
| |-- hop-conf.bat
| |--
| |-- hop-encrypt.bat
| |--
| |-- hop-gui.bat
| |--
| |-- hop-import.bat
| |--
| |-- hop-run.bat
| |--
| |-- hop-search.bat
| |--
| |-- hop-server.bat
| |--
| |-- hop-server.xml
| |-- hop-translator.bat
| |--
| |-- ...
| |-- translator.xml
| |-- config/
| | |-- projects/
| | | |-- default/
| | | |-- sammples/
| | |-- hop-config.json
| |-- lib/
| |-- libswt/
| |-- licenses/
| |-- plugins/
| |-- pwd/
| |-- static/
| |-- ui/

.bat is a Windows batch file which can be run in Windows OS, DOS or Powershell prompt. .sh is a Unix shell script which can be run in Linux, macOS or Unix shell prompt.

Hop folder contents

The table below describes the purpose of each files and folders.

hop-confHop Configuration command line tool to manage Hop projects and environments.
hop-encryptHop Encrypt is a command line tool to encrypt (obfuscate) passwords for use in XML, password or Hop metadata files.
hop-guiHop GUI (graphical user interface) is a local development environment to build, run, preview and debug workflows and pipelines.
hop-importHop Import is a command line tool to import and convert third party metadata to an Hop format.
hop-runHop Run is a command line tool to run workflows and pipelines.
hop-searchHop Search is a command line tool to search for metadata in Hop or a Hop project.
hop-serverHop Server is a lightweight server to run workflows and pipelines with the Remote pipeline or Remote workflow run configurations.
hop-server.xmlHop Server XML configuration file.
hop-translatorHop Translator is a single dialog application to make Hop available for use in other languages such as French, Japanese, and English.
translator.xmlA configuration file for Hop Translator.
config/This folder contains pipeline run configurations and Hop projects. By default, Hop projects created in this folder.
lib/This folder contains Java libraries used to assemble Hop.
libswt/This folder contains Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) wrapper library for native OS supplied widgets such as menus, windows, and buttons.
licenses/This folder contains various licenses available for Hop.
plugins/This folder contains various plugins libraries such as transforms to be used in pipelines.
pwd/This folder contains .pwd file to obfsucate passwords for Hop Server.
static/This folder contains images, icons, and themes to support Hop GUI.
ui/This folder contains images, icons, and themes to support Hop.