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Introducing CNDI Pronounced "Candy"

CNDI’s vision is to provide a data stack on demand. Have you experienced new data platform projects that take weeks or months just to set up? CNDI takes away complexity around infrastructure and data application configuration. By exposing only the configuration that matters to your team, we help you bootstrap your infrastructure so you can focus on the pipelines unique to your organization.


CNDI is built with high attention to the developer experience, so building a scalable data infrastructure stack is easy.

CNDI takes you from an empty directory all the way to a live system in minutes.

Deploying Airflow on your own infrastructure has never been easier!

  • ✂️ Developer experience:
    • Store your data infrastructure as code
    • Support for automatic syncing of DAGs from Git
    • Leverage the scale of Kubernetes, let us handle the setup
    • Automatically secured including ingress authentication and SSL certificates
    • Easy to build with, never compromising flexibility
  • ⚡️ Multi-platform:
    • We have high flexibility to support your infrastructure and environments, no matter how complex
    • Out-of-the-box support for local development, VMware ESXi/vCenter deployments, GCP, AWS, Azure, Multipass and more!
    • You can even mix and match as we offer built in support for cloud, on-prem environments, edge computing, as well as multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud configurations
  • 💰 Only pay for your infrastructure
    • CNDI is totally free, all you pay for is the infrastructure you deploy
    • The cheapest option on the market, without needing to roll your own cluster
  • 🌍 Scalable:
    • We can start small and then grow with your needs
    • From a single node local install to massive 100+ node clusters and anything in between
    • Jobs use ephemeral resources, meaning they come and go as needed because being truly scaleable means we have the capability to scale the cluster both out and in on request (e.g if you have larger overnight batches to process, but don’t want to pay for idling capacity during the day)
  • 🖌️ Author Data Integration Pipelines Visually with Hop :
    • Apache Hop support enables creating workflows visually
    • Execution of pipelines is made seamless through Airflow and Kubernetes

Use Cases

CNDI is so fast and easy to use that it is ideal for use in building your data mesh. Create Data Products rapidly, supported by Airflow.

CNDI is versatile enough to handle all your ETL and data integration needs. You can start small in one area and greatly expand your use cases over time.

Decision support is all about leveraging data to help your organization make better decisions at operational, tactical, and strategic levels. This includes business intelligence, data engineering, and data science. CNDI supports data workers in all these areas. And, finally, sometimes you have more general automation requirements where you just need reliable, timely, and repeatable delivery of data - CNDI has you covered there too.

Whether you're building traditional ETL, data integration, decision support, or a data mesh CNDI gives you the power and control you need.

Staying informed

Something missing?

If you find issues with the documentation or have suggestions on how to improve the documentation or the project in general, please file an issue for us, or send a message mentioning the Discord account.